FDA/CDC – Friend or Foe?

For all of my five-plus decades of life, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has had my complete cooperation and trust. If FDA said it, I accepted it as true. Same for the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), an agency within the FDA. If CDC recommended it, I did it. No questions asked.

That is until I began to take a closer look at the present day reality of our corporate democracy and the pharmaceutical industries ever-increasing influence over the regulatory processes of FDA and CDC. There is at present, a kind of revolving-door relationship between these public and private entities. It is not uncommon for FDA executives and other regulators, to leave public service and move to the pharmaceutical industry and then sometimes, back again to FDA/CDC. There are countless examples over many years. Here is one perspective on this from a 2016 piece in Time Magazine.

My concern is with medications and vaccines and their safe use. As a father, grandfather and health-care professional, it is alarming that the recommended number of vaccines went from six, when I was a child, up to an eye-popping seventy-two recommended vaccines for kids from birth to eighteen years old, today. Why so many? How did I manage to live a healthy life with only six vaccines? Was I lucky or is the present day vaccine schedule overly aggressive?

Did you know that prescription medications, taken as directed, are causing the death of over one hundred thousand Americans annually? Impossible, It thought until I reviewed a 2005 study by Gary Null and several other researchers titled, Death By Medicine, the findings reveal this fact. It also shows that overall deaths by medical care in the United States, as a whole, are more than seven hundred thousand annually. Think about that number.

Related to this is the rate of first-day-deaths, of newborns, in the U.S. This number is larger than all other industrial countries combined. What is different here? For one thing, American newborns are given a hepatitis B vaccine, and a vitamin K shot within hours of birth. The vitamin K, I can rationalize, but a hepatitis B shot makes no sense to me.

Hepatitis B is transmitted by blood contamination by way of intravenous drug use (sharing needles) or sexual activity with one who is infected or from the mother who would have to be hepatitis B positive. Considering prenatal blood work would reveal if mom has hep B, why are newborns given a vaccine for it? How is it that FDA/CDC came to decide that our babies need a vaccination for a disease which they will not likely encounter during their lifetime and if they do, it would probably happen in their late teens and older? The hep B is a toxin-containing vaccine which requires three shots; one at birth, again at two months and the third at nine months. Considering the rate of hepatitis B in new mothers in the U.S. is 0.1% this means that 99.99% of newborns do not need this vaccine.

What toxins are in the hepatitis B vaccine? You can check for yourself here.

Formaldehyde – a known carcinogen.

MRC-5 – Cells developed from aborted baby lung tissue.

Aluminum – a known neurotoxin which negatively affects the nervous system and brain and has been shown to cause inflammation in the brains of mice and sheep, and is suspected by independent researchers of being linked to the autism epidemic we are now in.

According to the FDA, the safe amount of aluminum exposure for infant newborns is 4-5 micrograms per kilo of body weight. For a newborn weighing 8 lbs, this would allow for 16-20 micrograms of aluminum. The hep B vaccine first dose, given within hours of birth is 250 micrograms, which exceeds FDA’s guidelines for safe levels in infants by something like 15x.

There is an excellent book, The Vaccine Friendly Plan by Dr. Paul Thomas, MD which spells out exactly which vaccines are necessary and at what age it is safe to receive them. I encourage you to buy this book and read. I did and found it to be very reader-friendly. His plan has resulted in zero patients, in his practice, developing vaccine-related autism since he implemented it.

Did you know the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control profit from the vaccine program? They are also responsible for approving the safety testing of vaccines. In what other industry would this not be illegal or at least a conflict-of-interest?

My hope in sharing this information is that you will do your homework on vaccines and seek to use them safely. Do this for your benefit and your children.

Finally, I am a safe-vaccine advocate, and I support vaccine sanity. You should too. Use your best judgment and do your best to protect your kids and yourself because we can no longer blindly trust that FDA/CDC is looking out for our best interests in health or medication safety.

Dan – 2019

FDA/CDC – Friend or Foe?

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