How To Reduce Blood Pressure In 7 Days

 2 Step Tip Sheet


Yes, you can reduce your blood pressure in 7 days without medications and without added cost. It’s all about behavior adjustment.

The question is, do you want it? Everyone says they want it, but DO YOU REALLY WANT to protect your kidneys, heart and long-term health? What is your PURPOSE in wanting to lower your blood pressure? The larger your purpose, the more likely you’ll be successful. Purpose drives change. Big purpose in life enables big change.


Here are two things you can do starting now to lower your blood pressure. They will work for you if you work it.

#1 Finished dinner by 7pm and eat nothing else until 9:00am. No night time snacking. Water, coffee and tea are okay but no carbs, including beer. Allow 14 – 16 hours to pass until eating again. This is easier than you may think because we do not wake up hungry and if we do, the urge to eat goes away easily once we get moving with our day.


#2 Eliminate carbohydrates like bread, beans, bagels, fries and oatmeal. Avoid toast in the morning. If you have a burger, remove the bun, eat the meat. Saturated fats from beef, fish and chicken, lamb, nuts and avocado are welcome. Don’t fear the fat. However, avoid unsaturated fats from vegetable cooking oils, fast food and other processed foods. These are dangerous to your health.


There you have it. Check your blood pressure right now or as soon as you can and then recheck in 7 days. If your are taking any prescribed blood pressure medications you are to continue taking them as prescribed until your physician directs you otherwise.


These simple steps and others I’ll share later, are working to reduce blood pressure (and reduce the chances of kidney failure, heart attack, stroke). They work for others. Why not you? There is only one way to find out. Get started!


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