Reduce Your Blood Sugar In 7 Days2 Step Tip Sheet

Following are three simple tips you can employ beginning today to reduce your blood sugar and also reduce your risk for developing Type2 Diabetes. Let me ask you a question. Why do you want to lower your blood sugar? Keep that reason front and center in the coming 7 days and it will help you succeed. Then let me know about your results.


Type 2 Diabetes is a lifestyle disease suffered by hundreds of millions across the globe and in the U.S. we’re on our way toward 50% of our population being affected. More and more are falling into the trap of Type 2 Diabetes but you don’t have to. By modifying your lifestyle you can reduce and even eliminate it’s impact on our health. Let’s get started.


Tip #1 Eliminate added sugars from your diet. This means no candy bars, no fruit (think of fruit as candy, no sugary cereals or sweetened drinks. Will this be easy? Nope. Sugar has addictive qualities to it, and sugar is killing you. It’s increasing your likelihood of cancer, heart disease, obesity…any many other modern day maladies.


Tip #2 Eliminate bread, bagels, rice and beans and potatoes. This means no toast in the morning and if you have a burger, remove the bun, eat the meat.


Tip #3 Eat dinner by 7pm and eat nothing else until 14 – 16 hours have passed, which would be 9am or 10am. Most of us do not wake up hungry and if we do, it goes away easily once we get moving with our day.


I also encourage you to do away with snacking. While this may not be easy it is made easier by adjusting your diet to eliminate carbohydrates like breads, beans, bagels and fries and adding satisfying saturated fats which taste better and give you a feeling of being full. These include beef with the fat, bacon, eggs, butter, nuts, fish and more.


When you have a meal, eat slowly and then get back to your day. If you have a craving for a snack, drink a glass of water, you can some salt to make it more satisfying. The between meal cravings will go away. It took me a couple days to adjust but it was far easier than I expected. You can do this.


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