Currently, I am on a temporary assignment in the Ft Lauderdale area and received a call yesterday afternoon from the emergency department doctor of a Miami Beach hospital. They had a patient in their ER with a life threatening, chronic disease known as Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura or TTP for short. The doctor wanted me to come right away as they were placing a catheter into the patient so I could run a plasma exchange and begin to relieve her symptoms.


It being rush hour and Miami traffic amongst the worst in the world, I contacted the ordering nephrologist and asked if I could come in the morning…early in the morning. He agreed as long as it was early. So, late last night, I contacted the overnight nurse, made arrangements and told her I would be there by 6am. Woke up at 4am, got ready and left for the one hour drive. Soon as I hit the road I called the hospital to reach the nurse again just to confirm we were still a go.


First call, I could not reach an operator. Waited on hold for 12 minutes and hung up. Ten minutes later, second call attempted. This time waited 5 minutes on hold and was finally able to get through to the ICU nurse. She informed that last nights catheter placement had failed and would have to be re-attempted sometime later this morning. So, I have now driven 23 miles toward the hospital and find out the I cannot do the procedure until later. Turn around, head back to my hotel. Not happy.


Meanwhile there is a very sick woman in the Intensive Care Unit who is in terrible discomfort and has to be wondering WTH is going on here. I know this patient from previous encounters and feel very badly about this but I have no power in this situation.


As I write this, it is now 20 hours since I received the initial call to come there right away and I am still awaiting confirmation the catheter is in place and ready to be used.


So, what is my point? Simply this. Avoid the medical system as much as possible. Do everything within your power to ensure you take great care of your health by eating right, staying active and doing strength exercises two to three times per week. These habits will help you avoid chronic disease which will in turn help keep you out of hospitals.


By “eat right” I mean do not follow current government dietary recommendations. Those guidelines are doing great harm to our collective health and have been since their introduction some forty years ago. What harm you ask? We can start with obesity rates. Between 1976-1980 obesity rates in the us were 15% for adults. Today the rate has more than tripled according to the CDC. (LA Times 10/12/2017). We are getting fatter and developing chronic diseases as a result. 


Obesity is just one measurement of a failed dietary policy and the predatory marketing practices of food conglomerates. We also have Type 2 Diabetes which this blog is dedicated to reversing. Some 29 million Americans currently have Type 2 Diabetes and another 84,000,000 (that’s 84 million!) are pre-diabetic and will become full-blown diabetics within five years if they do not make changes to their lifestyle. Soon, half the American population will be affected directly by diabetes. Don’t be one of them.


You do not want to be counted in these numbers. The information and resources you need to make informed lifestyle choices are here for you. Dig in, become informed and make the changes needed! And if you feel you will need some one on one help. You can find it here too. You can do this!


Dan Boyer, Therapeutic Apheresis RN

February 25, 2018




    84 million Americans are pre-diabetic and according to the American Diabetes Association, in 5 years they’ll be diabetic. Chances are, you are one of them. Find out what you can do about it here. Subscribe below to stay informed of the most effective ways to avoid diabetes.

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